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Roles and Functions

If you think that some functions are more important than others, sooner or later leaders will think it too.

When thinking about the structure of your start-up in another country or continent, it is necessary to manage a crisis, a reorganization, a change management, a relaunch in short, everything that needs to be done is to create, protect and increase the value of your business project.

For this reason, you must be sure that all the people that will join your team are sharing the same vision you have for the start-up. This is a must have.

Let us understand your business needs in order to picture possible scenarios and opportunities to be achieved. Our HQ experts, along with the local ones, will give you all the help you need.



    • Ceo
    • Indipendent board member



    • Global Chief Financial Officer
    • Global Chief Treasury Officer
    • Global Chief Controlling Officer
    • Country Chief Financial Officer
    • Country Chief Treasury Officer
    • Country Chief Controlling Officer



    • Global Chief Strategic Marketing Officer
    • Global Chief Operational Marketing Officer
    • Country Chief Strategic Marketing Officer
    • Country Chief Operational Marketing Officer



    • Global Sales Officer
    • Country Sales Officer

Supply Chain

    • Global Chief Supply Chain Officer
    • Country Chief Supply Chain Officer

Human Resources

    • Global Human Resource Director
    • Global Recruiting Director
    • Global Development & Training Director
    • Country Human Resource Director
    • Country Recruiting Director
    • Country Development & Training Director

Information Technology

    • Global Chief Information Officer
    • Global Chief Digital Information Officer
    • Global Chief Technology Officer
    • Country Chief Information Officer
    • Country Chief Digital Information Officer
    • Country Chief Technology Officer


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