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Chatbot to Improve the HR Offer

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

Nobody likes to carry out the most boring and repetitive tasks in the workplace, in fact everyone hopes to be able to cleverly avoid them or to be able to delegate to some other colleague. A chatbot can prove to be a trusted helper for carrying out tedious tasks. Also known as “conversational agents”, chatbots employed in the HR field encourage and facilitate the application processes while, at the same time, they perform a sort of pre-qualification of aspiring recruits.

Recruiting companies know very well how expensive it is in terms of time and resources to constantly succeed in attracting new candidates. The analysis of the behavior of users who visit the recruiting web pages show that, very often, they wander briefly on HR sites without completing the compilation of the spontaneous application. Very often, it is not due to lack of interest in the proposal, rather it is a matter of laziness caused by the length of the format (especially when is requested a short motivational letter).

The perfect tool to make up for this inconvenience is the chatbot which helps to improve the candidates’ experience by providing various kinds of information about the company, giving life to a completely personalized experience. It can provide instant information on company policies and various types of issues, reducing the waiting time given that the service is available 24/7.

Using a chatbot does not only mean improving the company Customer Care but, at the same time, it also grants the HR department to find out which topics are of greatest interest to candidates and what their attitudes are. This is because the robotic chats are able to carry out a sort of preliminary interview, allowing the recruiter to have information even before the actual physical or telephone meeting with the candidate.

The intervention of Human Resources staff is obviously not optional, it is in fact necessary for the recruiter to calibrate and update the chatbot (most of the time with the support of the company’s Digital HR manager), in order to obtain more and more performance optimized.

To conclude, an advantageous aspect that was found is that this tool puts the candidate at ease: although often equipped with a fictitious face and name, the chatbot is still a machine, so no one feels intimidated or in awe either in asking questions, and in providing with answers.