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Selection of a Temporary Manager

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

Given the recent and frequent recourse to the adoption by companies of Temporary Managers, it may be useful to understand how the process of identification and selection of a candidate for this managerial role takes place.

They are figures who carry out operations on internal dynamics of companies, mostly of strategic importance and linked to the realization of projects: promptness in recruiting is a fundamental component in the selection process. Companies, often and willingly, do not have the possibility or the ability to identify this type of high-level figures independently, which is why they prefer to rely on consulting companies.

The latter must ensure a flexible and targeted approach to achieving the business objective of the client company. Supporting client companies in cases where there is a need for flexibility generated by any form of corporate change is an essential prerogative for selecting a competent TMan.

The identification and selection of the professional manager relates to the type of criticality to be sustained, its size and the real needs of the company: therefore, it cannot consist in a choice dictated only by costs.

Thanks to some indicators, the recruiters will decide if the candidate (or the shortlist) is suitable to fill the required role, and he will have presented to the company. The TMan will have the opportunity to learn more in detail, both the goals to be achieved daily within the company in which he will have to operate, and the other Managers in person.

The recruiters will also carry out the selection of the TMan based on: age, training, years of business experience (both as a manager and as TMan), the presence or absence of another occupation at the time of application and aptitude analysis of the subject.

Some statistics show that only 20% of the CVs received belong to profiles that can really fill a role of such great responsibility. Therefore, the consulting company will make the difference: if it is efficient in the selection process, there will be a good chance of identifying qualified profiles for the position of Temporary Manager.