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What is a successful recruitment process?

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

A selection process is a strategically planned procedural developed by HR professionals used when recruiting, evaluating and hiring new employees.

The process typically begins with understanding the functions and skills of the searched profile; this first step is extremely important because will shape all the following steps.

After understanding how to create a job profile that is appealing and is able to convey all the information about the position in a efficient and effective way; the next step is the job posting, where recruiting tools are used to draw top-qualified candidates.

The hiring team then develops screening tools, such as applications, interviews, and reference checks to select the pool of right candidates.

Finding the best people who can fit within the company’s culture and contribute to the organization progress is a challenge and an opportunity.

Having the correct person in the right role can help the company to perform, grow and make profit. A successful recruitment is a reflection that directly links to the validity and professionalism of one’s business and builds a positive image to your customers, peers and competitors.

On the other hand, when a company makes a bad hire, they pay to train and orient a person who ultimately may cause more harm than good.

Taking the right steps to develop effective employee selection practices pay off exponentially in the long run.

Nevertheless, as any function, the recruitment process has cost and time restrictions. A good recruitment process is able to:

– have a powerful sourcing of the candidates’ pool
– minimize the time involved in the searching, interviewing, hiring and training
– make the search for viable candidates much more efficient

Trusting experts in the recruitment field as Future Manager Alliance can help you to:
– successfully shape the role required with the traits of interest
– have and efficient and effective sourcing of candidates
– Use a validated process in years of experience on the field with effective and consistent techniques. With these processes, FMA can efficiently screen the candidates who aren’t right for the job leaving the perfect individual to fill the position.
– monitor the situation/process from the start and be updated regularly

Remember, people are the foundations of any organization. Investing in the selection processes is one of the best investments a company can make