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FM Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition is the process of finding, attracting and hiring skilled candidates according to the organizational needs, in order to meet labour requirements.

People are the most important driver of every company's success. This makes Talent Acquisition one of the most important departments of every firm, if not the most important one.

Our Talent Acquisition services are based on finding the best candidates for the company, whilst drawing up an inventory of new talents to hire when needed, supported by an efficient branding activity: we believe that every company should develop good branding actions in order to attract candidates; the company’s standing is key to attracting new talents.

Activation of Internship agreements

Future Manager supports companies in the management of the administrative procedures related to internships in Italy.

The service allows you to activate the extracurricular internship in a few days.

The service includes:

  • Analysis of the case
  • Agreement between Future Manager and the client company
  • Draft of the Internship project
  • Activation of the insurance coverage

Each individual internship agreement has a cost of € 250 + VAT.

It is also possible to activate packages of internship agreements.

Main advantages:

  • Activation in 3 working days
  • Low cost
  • Support and advice for the entire duration of the internship (smarworking, renewals, suspensions, early terminations....)

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