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Relocation Experience - Future Manager

Future Manager is a Born Global Company, which has been providing HR solutions since 2014  to 35 Countries Worldwide.

Our HR solutions are tailored to a company’s specific needs, and global innovation strategies, seen through our FM Global Mobility Services department working with our trusted partners, Relocation Experience and Cross Culture to Go

Assisting a company’s crucial market requirements, to include relocating a manager or workforce to a foreign country is our #1 mission.

FM Relocation Experience qualified support team, guarantees efficiency in company cost management through every step of your relocation experience.

Our team is composed of women, with their professional administrative and legislative skills, who have developed a deep knowledge of the current complex real estate market, cultural environment, and school and health system in Italy and abroad.

Cross Culture to go, is Relocation Experience digital solution, which offers training on-demand to handle every phase of the transfer project. Settle down and perceive a good quality of life is the key to success, with an assignment abroad, that will suit the needs of a manager and their household, or the company.

When the family accompanies a manager we understand the importance for them to be supported before they leave their homeland. Every member of the household should have a positive and gentle experience leading to their new life journey. A new environment to include, new home, schools, knowledge of local health care, and international gathering associations are fundamental for settling down to a new daily life.

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